Linda Tanner | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


A man must know what beauty is
To make all that beauty his;
It isn’t money
That is sunny,
And the scenes don’t have a fee —
That’s because they are free.

A man can watch the birds in flight,
Bees gathering honey are a real delight;
A city’s smog
Can’t beat fog,
And nothing is as pure as pure sunlight —
It makes you feel all right.

Cooing doves and flowers in bloom,
Grazing sheep and blue cocoons
Please the eyes
And summon sighs:
They are the same as life in wombs —
It makes you want to croon.

Rocks on shore and the heaving seas,
Grassy plains and old oak trees,
The butterflies
Cure children’s cries,
And there’s nothing as pretty as these —
It takes you on a breeze.

The rising sun, the break of dawn,
The trembling doe and the playful fawn,
A pretty picture
Can’t be richer
Than fields swaying with golden corn —
It makes you glad that you were born.

A blue sky and a bright rainbow,
A steep cliff and a wheeling crow,
The falling rain,
A blackberry stain;
In the woods you can feel peace grow —
It can make your spirits soar.

Two people walking hand in hand,
Ringing bells and a wedding band,
Hearts in love,
The stars above,
They’re both as rich as the countless sand —
It brings out the beauty in man

Tyrone Graham for Written Tales

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