saxcubano | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


to a spreadeagled woman
a son
named grandiloquently

Is he not lucky?

Bonny at her breasts
and quick to learn
until beaten into submission

except to scream
at shadows

Be grateful

what a life

Learnt the meaning of theft
and was overcome by guilt

Stammer offset
by a sweet lisp
that faded away

Playing at war
with armies
in a secluded corner
muttering to himself
and communing with plants

Happy when hunting
what power in guns

Beset by pederasts
fought ferociously
but never got used to it

two worlds
one a nightmare

Followed by enemies

Always followed
nowhere to hide

Loss of memory
childhood a dream

Trying to get back
still trying

Be grateful
be grateful

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